Insect Lore Butterfly Feeder 15cm L x 11.5cm W see through nectar reservoir, yellow, orange, and white flowers, butterfly-shaped feeder cork, hanging arm and 4 felt drinking wicks on yellow and green box on white background.

Butterfly Feeder to Attract Butterflies

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Feeding butterflies made easy!

The Butterfly Feeder Includes butterfly-shaped feeder cork, hanging arm and felt drinking wicks so nectar can be drawn to the feeder surface.

A colourful addition to brighten up any outdoor space, suspend from a branch or fence using some string or fishing wire, alternatively sit it flat on a tabletop.

The easy fill nectar reservoir is see-through so you’ll know when your feeder needs topping up. Once a week wash out the feeder with warm water and replace the nectar.

Perfect gift for the butterfly enthusiast.

Purchase together with ready-made nectar here.

Feeder measures 15cm long and 11.5cm wide.

Ages 4+