Research & Conservation

Pollinator Awareness through Conservation and Education (PACE)

Butterfly Pavilion is committed to protecting the pollinators that make our world possible. Through programs, activism, conservation and education, we are focused on creating initiatives that raise awareness of these critical animals. Please join us in support by visiting the zoo, making a donation, or volunteering through one of our programs.

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Colorado Projects

Learn about the research and conservation programs Butterfly Pavilion manages right here in Colorado.

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Global Conservation Projects

Butterfly Pavilion manages programs and projects achieving global impact in invertebrate research and conservation.

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Zoo Conservation

Butterfly Pavilion is leading the way in cutting edge research that will ensure the sustainability of invertebrate populations.

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Our Zoo and Gardens

Butterfly Pavilion's interactive exhibits foster an appreciation for invertebrates and their habitats, while connecting the community with the innovative research we're doing to conserve these essential animals.