HALO Save the Monarchs Seed Packet with monarch image on flower background and including milkweed, verbena, and goldenrod.

Save the Monarchs Seed Packet

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Introducing our Save the Monarch Seed Pack, a powerful way for you to make a difference in the dwindling population of monarch butterflies. These magnificent creatures need our help, and with this thoughtfully curated seed mix, you can actively contribute to their preservation and create a welcoming habitat right in your own backyard.

The Save the Monarch Seed Pack contains a carefully selected blend of seeds, specifically chosen to attract monarch butterflies and provide them with a vital source of sustenance. At the heart of this collection lies milkweed, the sole food source for monarch caterpillars. By planting milkweed, you're ensuring these majestic creatures have a place to lay their eggs and nourish their young.

In addition to milkweed, our seed pack features a variety of Colorado and Rocky Mountain seeds. Picture your garden brimming with the vibrant beauty of verbena, the cheerful allure of goldenrod, and countless other enchanting plants that monarch butterflies find irresistible. With this diverse mix, you'll create a haven that not only supports monarch butterflies but also brings natural splendor and harmony to your outdoor space.

By investing in the Save the Monarch Seed Pack, you're not only taking a step towards preserving the monarch butterfly population, but you're also combating the causes of their habitat loss. Land development and the excessive use of weed killers have contributed to the rapid decline of monarch-friendly environments. By planting these seeds, you're standing up against these threats and creating a safe sanctuary for monarchs to thrive.

To ensure the utmost freshness and viability of the seeds, we recommend storing the Save the Monarch Seed Pack in a cool, dry place until you're ready to plant. The packaging is designed to keep the seeds in optimal condition, so you can sow them at the ideal time for successful germination.

Join us in the vital mission to save the monarch butterflies. With the Save the Monarch Seed Pack, you have the power to make a significant impact, one garden at a time. Let your love for nature and commitment to conservation blossom as you witness the transformation of your space into a butterfly paradise. Together, let's preserve the beauty of monarchs for generations to come.